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Welcome to his Creative World introducing you Ebda ,one of the most talented young artist of our Academy, here you will find all about Ebda and his incredible talent as an young artist.As some of you may already know,he has an extraordinary passion for painting.


This site tell you much about his passion for painting and creative skill, he had great skill in using oil, watercolour and pastel,Read this website for all the latest news of what he has been up to, people he has met and paintings he had completed.He now spends his large portion of buffer for painting . Ebda from his travels outdoors capturing the landscapes that he knows and loves. He also works within his own way that he shares on occasions with his friends and teachers. He has a good collection of nature painting ,Closely evaluating ebdas painting one should understand his attraction towards nature and observation,talent,skill altogether creating creativity which shows he is close to nature and attractive colors. He simply loves what he does


2010 Three Amblers and a Dancing Clown acrylic and mixed media on canvas


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